orange tulip   30x40    
  untitled tulips  48x48    
  untitled tulip stems  48x48    
  untitled peony  24x24    
   peony   24x24    
   large white peony   48x48    
   gingerlily   36x48    
   vanda   48x48    
   blossom of a tulip tree   24x24    
   orchids in fuchsia and cream   36x36    
   three dogwood blossoms   36x36    
  untitled orchids  36x36    
   pink orchids in bright sunlight   48x48    
   lily in green   36x36    
   for cynthia   48x48     
   lotus   24x24    
   varigated tulip    24x24     
   untitled iris   24x24  oil and resin on canvas    
   copper iris triptych   three x 12x12    
   iris triptych   prismacolor on three x 12x12 wood panels    
  untitled lily  30x30    
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